About me

After my BA Hons degree in fashion design, I worked in London as a freelance textile designer and silk screen printer (long before the days of digital printing). I changed course slightly and worked for a number of years at Habitat which I loved. After  a complete career shift to become a professional mother to my two children, I found myself needing more creative direction than just painting with my children, or renovating the house and garden. So when some good friends asked me to create a large, bespoke piece of art for their home, something sparked within me. A love and a need to paint had been reignited. I rediscovered my purpose. To be in the studio creating just for fun was exhilarating and uplifting.  I am heavily influenced by music and nature with my passion for gardening being a huge source of inspiration.

The Process

I now create original multi layered abstract paintings in my home studio in Sussex, working on both large canvasses and boards. I have worked mainly on privately commissioned pieces, but have been slowly building up a body of work that I am really proud of. I love exploring different paint effects and use a combination of acrylic painting techniques with watercolour inks to create colours and forms that are completely unique and always surprising. Layers build with the various mediums giving a mixture of different finishes.  Music is a major part in the creative process and dictates the mood of a piece. I can't paint without the right playlist, I think this is reflected in my work. Staying open and free is vital during the creative process. I work on a several paintings at the same time, moving between them. It can take weeks building up the layers, adding or taking away until I feel they are finished.

My artwork is expressive but calm with each painting developing organically to create a one off piece of art.

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